Property Services

Measured Building Surveys

Blueplan undertakes all aspects relating to measured building surveys including floor plans, elevations, sections, and 3D models. This is an area we specialise in and undertake all our building Surveys using state of the art on-site software, specifically written for carrying out this type of work. This provides efficient and continuous visual and dimensional checks which dispenses with the archaic “pen and paper” method allowing for a self-checking and streamlined approach and delivery of this type of survey, resulting in a quicker and more reliable service.

“Intelligent” Surveys

We have adopted specialist software to enable additional “intelligent” information to be added to our measured building surveys. This extra data, such as room use or floor covering, can be “tagged” to individual rooms to enable comprehensive database extraction for analysis - for example ‘How much corridor space do I occupy that has a laminated floor covering?’ - adding tangible value to traditional CAD floor plans for us during refurbishment of renovation, for example.

Area Referencing

Net internal Area (NIA) is used as the basis for valuations, marketing and property ratings, in both the commercial and residential sectors, and is defined as the usable floor space within a building (excluding certain specific areas). The measurement of the space is factual, not subjective, and Blueplan can offer unbiased, independent area referencing, providing area reports, spreadsheet data and plan information undertaken accurately and in line with RICS guidelines.

Land Registry Plans

Blueplan specialises in producing scaled plans, which can be used in conveyancing, and will satisfy all the criteria laid down by the Land Registry. Individual properties or plots of land can be accurately represented and demised, in order to represent clearly new or altered land / property parcels, in line with the Land Registration Act 2002.